Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Bostonian

Drunken lads who fixed bike rack at 3am say they're shocked by positive reaction - as council prepares to give them reward for 'public-spirited' actions

Dean Mason, Martin Griggs, Simon McMillan and Dan Butler said they 'like to do our bit here and there'

The four good deed revellers who stopped to drunkenly fix a bike rack at 3am will be given an award for their 'public-spirited' actions, councillors said today.

Footage swept the internet yesterday of the group emerging from a takeaway in Boston, Lincs, after a night out and stopping to wrench the damaged rack back into position.

The men, dressed for a night out and holding takeaway food, spot the damaged metal hoop and decide to put things right with a good deed.

Refreshing CCTV footage shows them work together to yank the black bike rack back into shape.

Dean Mason, Martin Griggs, Simon McMillan and Dan Butler spent several minutes working the rack back into position, before having a congratulatory team hug and high-fiving for a job well done.

As Boston Borough Council said the group would be rewarded for their actions, the modest lads said they were 'shocked' by the positive reaction to the footage...

retrieved Wednesday 18 September 2013

This video sparked off an interesting debate on facebook which illicited from me some factoids regarding (public) drunkenness. Especially relevent in the Australian setting, and Sydney in particular, where "alcohol" is blamed for all manner of bad behaviour.  

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